Our Story

At Jacaranda we are passionate about sport. We take a professional, authentic but modern approach to sports marketing which we have developed over many years.

Where to start?

The birds and bees of it all? At Jacaranda our roots are deeply embedded in sport. We started out playing it seriously but as we matured and looked around at the environment we could see opportunities. We saw things which we were sure we could do better. Events that lacked polish and which had a limited purpose, events which did not tick all the boxes they could. We recognised teams which needed representation, which lacked a cohesive marketing focus, which did not maximise all their revenue opportunities. And so we kicked out and did it for ourselves.

We knew marketing and started from there. Since then we have worked hard for success. We have driven hard to work with blue chip brands which we want to work with and have made sure our relationships are long term and to our mutual benefit. We don’t spread ourselves too thinly. And the human factor has always been the absolute cornerstone of the Jacaranda business. Treat people like you would expect to be treated yourself, totally professional, but keep it fun and keep it enjoyable. And, in every case, it works.

Our passion was obvious during the 32nd America’s Cup

Jacaranda Marketing

In 2005, the Shosholoza, also known as ‘The Soul of Sailing’, entered the most famous and inspiring sailing competition for the oldest sports trophy on earth as the first South African team. This was the moment when Jacaranda Marketing S.L. was born.

How we have grown and diversified.

Jacaranda Marketing Deutschland

The story continued when Jacaranda expanded its portfolio.
In 2017 Jacaranda Düsseldorf was founded, working closely together with the existing sports marketing agency in Valencia.

And the story continues…


…with a comprehensive portfolio, more extraordinary sport events and the highly-motivated Jacaranda team.