Audi Dome Fan Match

In 2015 the Audi Dome Fan Match was created to elevate the association of Audi and FC Bayern Basketball to another level. The Fans had the chance to play against their team on the open court. The contestants had to apply for a spot on the Audi Dome All Star Team to have a chance to play against the FC Bayern Basketball Team 15/16. Contestants from all over Germany took the opportunity to compete for a limited casting spot and were tested on their basketball as well as social skills during our casting. Fifteen contestants were able to secure their spot on the Audi Dome All Star Team and will played against the FC Bayern Basketball Team.


Develop and Activate Audi Dome and partnership with FC Bayern Basketball

Strategic Objectives

Get in touch with the fans ("interaction"), create something different and new ("thinking out of the box"), underline the positioning of Audi as a credible partner of basketball

Social Media Engagement


Building Blocks

Jacaranda initiated the concept, balanced the public dreams and expectation against the corporate requirements of Audi and the sporting ethos of FC Bayern Basketball to deliver the Audi Dome Fan Match.

Jacaranda developed and delivered the marketing concept beyond the expectations of the sponsors, fans and the sports club.

Acquired sponsors and partners

Development and management of the website and social media strategy

Planned and executed the event itself

Winning Moves


A full 360 degrees approach to all facets

Integrated communication with all stakeholders, partners, fans, public

Maintained a holistic, natural fun approach

In short, a creative idea became a very successful communication platform