Audi quattro Ski Cup

Audi quattro Ski Cup at the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Finals 2016, St. Moritz.
The amateur racing series with a World Cup backdrop and ambience.

The world final in St. Moritz marked the end of the first amateur alpine ski series that Audi run with a number of qualifier events in 5 countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy).
Audi invited 120 guests to St. Moritz for the first ever world finals event.


To leverage a truly unique ski racing experience for Audi clients in a fun, professional atmosphere, embracing the natural competitive instincts of the hand picked guests but keeping it fun and light hearted. To ensure the whole experience is infused with the exclusive ambience of the Alpine Ski Racing season's climax

Strategic Objectives

Organise and run a top class event in one of the most prestigious Alpine ski resorts in the world involving all of Audi’s regional partners.


Building Blocks

Event planning

Guest Management

Evening event planning and execution

Amateur Alpine Ski event incl. timing and live TV

Production of youtube clips for each ski race participant

Implement newsletter service for guests

Winning Moves

The Weather

The Location

The People

The Team