ŠKODA Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the most famous and toughest cycling races in the world. With ŠKODA we created a truly extraordinary hospitality program. Guests enjoyed a unique opportunity to see the race from the front row, really getting up close and personal with the sport, its stars and many of its legends.

And so for the last four years Jacaranda have worked tirelessly (!) to create and deliver a fabulous Hospitality Programme during the Tour de France. Guests have loved it. There is nothing sugar coated about the experience, they leave with a real insight into the brutality of the race, what makes riders successful whilst all the time carried along on an extraordinary tidal wave of raw passion. That said the level of hospitality makes for a truly memorable visit.

  • It opens with a relaxed dinner which includes an informative, entertaining Cycling Talk.
  • Guests have enjoyed the opportunity to ride with Stephen Roche, Tour de France winner 1987.
  • At the departure village guests get to walk through the team buses getting an insight into the elite world of professional cycling.
  • They are driven in close proximity to riders, sometimes in among them, they fly over in a helicopter and also as enjoying a roadside picnic before cheering the riders as they finish the days stage
  • And then the perfect finish to the day: a farewell dinner, where our guests enjoyed the local French cuisine as they reflected on their incredible day.


ŠKODA - Tour de France Hospitality

Strategic Objectives

Conceptualization and implementation of a unique ŠKODA Tour de France Hospitality Program since 2012.

Social Media Engagement


Building Blocks

Development of the key visual and implementation of various branding elements

Creation of an exclusive ŠKODA Tour de France Registration Platform

Implementation of the exclusive ŠKODA Tour de France mascot ‘Klement’ (toy and life-size)

Coordination of all transport requirements from shuttles to VIP experiences

Planning and implementation of the entire Guest Management program

Creation and implementation of a merchandise concept (gifts, giveaways, uniforms, etc.

Design and implementation of the extraordinary podium hostess outfits

Winning Moves

Great guest programme management

Embracing, enjoying, beating the logistical challenges

Loving the detail that makes the difference

Maintaining a very personable relaxed human touch with the guests, each is an individual

Making sure the programme delivers for the brand and the business