During a period of rapid evolution, from 2004-2008, the business to business brand of Deutsche Telekom, T Systems, was profiting from their activity in sailing. Reflecting their strapline ‘Business Flexibility’ high tech, top end sailing reflected and represented what they sought to deliver to businesses. Winning sailing performance requires and displays a perfect synergy of team work, a technology advantage, and exceptional motivation. Through the adoption then integration of sailing imagery and modelling the core corporate values of T Systems were enhanced at the same time at the same time as they were comprehensively displayed to clients and potential customers of the international IT and communications service provider.
The foundations of Jacaranda’s strategy delivery were flexibility, expertise and reliability.

  • Jacaranda were the catalyst in matching T Systems to Team Shosholoza as sponsors
  • Jacaranda created and managed T-Systems Team 2008 an elite group cherry picked from different Olympic sailing teams.
  • Jacaranda developed a highly regarded, successful Youth Program as a positive legacy

Strategic Objectives

To fully exploit and expand the integration of top level competitive sailing into a a cohesive marketing mix using all available channels, especially B2B marketing

Building Blocks

Really detailed research and analysis in 14 different countries

Projects were conceived, built and delivered specific to the target groups (rather than vice versa – create a project then find the target group!)

Perfect knowledge of the client, not just of their business, market and personnel, but of how to take them on the ‘journey’. Shosholoza was an extraordinary sailing project which required a certain buy in, an element of risk for all parties but it was a massive success commercially, from a human angle, and from a sporting perspective

Winning Moves

Detailed Research

Trusting the Gut Feeling