Events & Hospitality Concepts

At Jacaranda we strive to create events that are unique and which really stir up the emotions.

From creating the concept, planning and setting in train the requirements and processes to execution, we have such wide experience, real nitty gritty insight and informed logistical know how to ensure events run as they should, smoothly.

They should be memorable for all the right reasons whether large or small. Ours is a refined, sophisticated and exclusive service, offering aspirational and high end lifestyle hospitality to clients and/or employees or both. 
We specialize in bespoke, tailor-made programs which simply speak for themselves in terms of the uniqueness of the event and product. 
The creation of once in a lifetime experiences is one of the most important benchmarks of our hospitality concepts. We seek to make sure the guest will always inextricably link your brand with the event!

Case Studies

Some examples of our successes….